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and we have the experience to back up our passion. We deliver the goods, do fantastic work, and we want to do it for you. We know design has the power to stop people dead in their tracks and move them at the same time. We ask questions, do our homework, and leave no stone unturned. We brainstorm, collaborate and sometimes take two steps back in order to move forward. With three minds working together, we go places we might not go alone. The result is compelling, distinct graphic design that we love, you love AND that gets your audience's attention. get in touch

margaret mathers

Long-time Roaring Fork Valley resident Margaret Mathers has been a partner and designer at ithree since its inception in 2008. With over thirty years in the business, she is a wellspring of knowledge and creativity; she’s our go-to person when out-of-the-box thinking is required to solve a design problem. Never one to fear going back to the drawing board or to approve a design until it’s been vetted from all angles, Margaret makes sure everything that leaves the studio is up to her very high visual standards!

sharon newsom

Partner and designer Sharon Newsom represents the saying “still waters run deep” to a T. She is thoughtful, even-keeled and quietly determined. She often doesn’t speak until she’s got something very important to say, so when she does, we listen! With a keen eye for kerning problems, she’s meticulous to a fault, knows her paper specs, and is our queen of timelines. With Sharon’s timelines in hand, we can manage several complex projects with many moving pieces at once with nary a hitch!

kimi mischke

ithree partner/designer, Kimi Mischke brings a solid combination of creativity and linear, business-minded thinking to the table. Equally comfortable designing posters and creating spreadsheets, Kimi keeps our team on track and ensures the project goals are always top of mind. She is an honest (sometimes brutally) critique and ruthless editor with a strong eye, and she’s sure to tell us the straight-up truth, even when it’s not what we want to hear.

from the blog

my favorite month of the year!

my favorite month of the year!

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This month’s calendar is very dear to my heart. It is a tribute to my dad, who passed away a little over a year ago. The ephemera I used to fill the letters came mostly from postcards and articles he sent me over the years. You can actually see a bit of his handwriting in the D and […]

november now

november now

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And, here is November. I have to admit that this month’s design did not come easily to me. This must have been the fourth or fifth version I did! In the end, I went with simple and graphic with two colors that I absolutely love together. I hope you like them, too. If you like […]

a busy fall makes for bad blogging

a busy fall makes for bad blogging

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I suppose I shouldn’t have posted that September was a bit slow, because October more than made up for it. And, sadly, I completely dropped the blogging ball and didn’t post October or November. I’m going to post both now. I’m especially annoyed that I didn’t post October, because it is one of my favorite […]

what our clients have to say

It has been great working with ithree on our first-ever official Annual Report for the Buddy Program.  We had a very tight deadline, and had not been through this process before.  Ithree was able to figure out what we were looking for and bring our vision to life in a very organized, professional way, and perfectly capture the essence of our organization.

- David Houggy, The Buddy Program

Basalt Education Foundation needed a new brand identity and logo to communicate our forward-thinking and creative initiatives in the community. We have been so pleased to collaborate with ithree for this important re-branding project. Kimi and her team came up with an upbeat and modern logo design that clearly reflects our non-profit organization’s commitment and professionalism in fundraising for the Basalt schools. We were delighted with the cooperative design process, their creative approach as well as the final outcome.

- Stephen Holley, Basalt Education Foundation

ithree goes above and beyond! In working with them for the past couple of years I have been continually impressed by their creativity, dedication, and their impeccable client services. I recommend them to colleagues and friends on a regular basis.

- Rachel Hadley, Manifest Communications